Sensoria Rain Forest Hiking & Waterfalls Tour

Water, sodas & beers and lunch
Pick up Time
7:00 AM
around 6:30 pm

Sensoria Rain Forest Hiking & Waterfalls Tour

With the shortest access to Rincón de la Vieja’s majestic crater, Sensoria is not only the best gateway to Guanacaste’s largest active volcano, but also a natural treasure that even Costa Rican’s have only just recently discovered.

Its wild earth overflows with dense rainforests where tapirs and jaguars roam (and we have videos to prove it), fire and wind have shaped the skirts of the volcano and from the darkest nights to the most mesmerizing moon you are always at the mercy of the sky’s luminous generosity. But if one element defines Sensoria, that element is water.

Warm thermal springs gurgle out of crevices in the jungle, under the watch of centennial trees creeks cheerily dance over stones, racing each other, finding each other, joining one another in daring leaps into bright, bright, bright pools of hypnotic blue.

Blue is Sensoria’s color. Our smell that of wild orchids and rain evaporating from rainforest soil. Our music is the drumming of many waterfalls, the roaring call of the howler monkeys and the everlasting song of the cicadas. Our touch is the smooth river stone and the warmth of volcanic spring water. Our taste is sweet reconnection with nature. Hikes will be conditional to the client’s physical condition, Includes: Water, sodas & beers and lunch Pick up time: 7:00 AM | Returns: around 6:30 pm.

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