Monteverde Cloud Forest

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Monteverde Biological Corredor

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is located on the Caribbean foothills of the continental divide, at an average altitude of 1600msnm, with a climate dominated by the trade winds from the northeast, with an annual rainfall of 4000mm³, an average temperature of 18 ° C and relative humidity near 100%. It is located in the living area of Lower Montane Wet Forest. It is located within the Arenal Tempisque Conservation Area (ACA-T) is part of the Arenal Monteverde Protection Zone and in turn is within the Bellbird Biological Corridor. Its geographical position and the influence of the trade winds loaded with humidity change and other factors make Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve a place rich biodiversity. The abundance of epiphytic and bryophytes plants is very noticeable, the understory is very dense and has lots of ferns and other plants such as Heliconias. Among the most abundant trees are the Lauraceae family, with more than 70 species in the Monteverde area, meanwhile Orchids are the most diverse group with about 600 species in the area. As a very dense forest animal observation is a bit difficult, but birds are notoriously easier to spot animals. In addition to lacking a definite dry season in plants flowering occurs throughout the year.

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