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Spectacular place surrounded by nature in a unique area. The property is close to the North side of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, the altitude is 750 meters (2.460 ft) above sea level, and give us an amazing view of the low lands of the Pacific Coast, this is a perfect place where you can find the most popular and spectacular activities in the region, and enjoy a great adventure day.

You will be able to slide from tree to tree on a seven-cable Canopy Tour (Zip Line), with 9 platforms or choose to do 16 suspended hanging bridges, which provides visitors with a great opportunity to take part and be in contact with mother nature. This is the perfect place to spot some of the Costa Rican wild life, such as Spider monkeys, keel-billed toucans or the Agutis. Right After you do the Zip Line, you’ll walk into the virgin forest to get to the top of the 400-meter (1,300 ft) waterslide, and at the bottom, a nice, refreshing pool will be waiting for you, with natural spring water coming down from the mountain.

Around the middle of the day, you will enjoy a wonderful Costa Rican lunch with a great sample of the local flavors, during this time, you can also enjoy the cultural part of the tour with a perfect sample of a Colonial La Posada House, where you can learn about our traditional food, right next to this we have a coffee shop with their own roaster where you can also try and learn about coffee in Costa Rica, finally, the Pottery Show, here you can experience the aborigine genuine prosses and also have you make your own ceramic

Horseback riding or a tractor drive, will be waiting for you to take you to the Hot Springs Spa in the middle of the forest; a 45-minute ride will reveal to you more of the property’s flora and fauna in diverse topographies. At the Spa you will find a steam room, perfect to open your pores and let the volcanic mud do its job of rejuvenating your skin and making you feel revitalized After you’ve let the mud get a bit dry, you will be able to take a shower to wash it off and prepare yourself to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the mineral hot spring pools with different temperatures all of them, they are well-distributed around this peaceful Spa. It take 1 hour and 45 minutes for a one way drive to get to the park. The suggested departing time is 7:30am

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